If you’re new to using apps to meet people, watch out for these warning signs that the profile is fake.

I tried another dating app and this time it was for people aged 50 and older. The many others I’ve tried seem dominated by young people and I’m looking for a someone who remembers when Mork and Mindy was on TV. But it turns out that all dating apps are plagued by fake profiles trying to trick singles like me out of our money, and you have to be careful not to waste time on these.

Back in my day (that’s how old people talk, right?) online dating meant using a desktop website such as Match.com where the initial contact…

It’s time to grieve the 55-year-old woman I’m not going to be.

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A friend tells me I shouldn’t say “I’m not marriage material.” He says having been married one time to one man isn’t enough data for such a statement. The idea that I should try many marriages to many people before I draw a conclusion appalls me. I know you don’t succeed if you don’t try, but one failed marriage feels like enough experimenting for me.

I’ll be 55 years old in July. I recently tried yet another dating app, this time one for people age 50 and over. It yielded no more success for me than past ones I’ve also…

It might seem right to reach out to people you aren’t CLOSE friends with, but wait.

When another white man kills more Black people or indigenous people or other people of color (BIPOC) and the news media makes it a national, dinnertime story, there’s this thing many well-meaning white people do. You reach out to the BIPOC people you know — even if you don’t know us very well — and tell us you’re sorry, this is terrible, you’re thinking about us, and are we okay? However well-intentioned these gestures are, they often do not land well on us.

If a Black person was murdered, you often text, email or otherwise message your Black friends, co-workers…

Finally a public discussion of the invisibility of middle-aged women! Then it disappeared.

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A friend sent me the EventBrite link. On March 10th an expert on environmental spaces named Jay Pitter was going to give a Zoom presentation on Invisible Woman Syndrome. She was going to “broadly define this phenomenon and then use spatial feminism and intersectionality frameworks to uncover how this impacts women’s access to public green spaces, recreational facilities, transit, and local networks.” The description specified its focus on women, “especially those between the ages of forty and sixty.”

Women between 40 and 60 years old — that’s me! I eagerly signed up for the free event, excited about a presentation…

“I once was lost, but now am found” sounds nice, but accepting a belief you previously rejected is very painful.

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I was talking to a friend about the anniversary of the American start of the pandemic. Of course everyone’s different after the past 12 months, but I told her that my changes include the loss of core beliefs and parts of my personality. She asked what I meant.

“Well, for one thing,” I said, “I used to not believe there was anything after we die. I didn’t believe in anything I couldn’t see. I was like, here we are and there’s no higher being or anyone or anything else. This is it.

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Well, the McCombs Candida Plan is effectively over. I’m technically still abstaining from dairy products because adding dairy back to my diet doesn’t happen until Feb. 21st, so really I’m on Day 91, but who cares? I’m pretty much eating whatever I want at this point and it’s not good.

Since Juldmort my anxiety level gradually lessened until recently it finally slipped away. In the past week I’ve finally admitted that I no longer wake up with it crawling through my guts like a snake. In fact, I wake up so peacefully I’ve finally started lolling in bed a bit…

January 10, 2021

I’ve been on the 16-week (112-day) McCombs Candida Plan for 71 days and yesterday I completely rebelled by buying a Pepperidge Farm frozen cake and trying to eat it (after thawing it, of course). But a strange thing happened: as I ate a piece, I found the layers of the cake rubbery and tasteless. Only the frosting tasted good, and then I realized that only the outside frosting tasted good. The inside frosting between the layers was watery and bland.

Of course, I had a second piece to make sure, but the cake was getting less and…

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December 23, 2020

Yes, I’m still on Dr. Jeffrey McCombs’ Candida Plan, taking McComb’s supplements, drinking four quarts of water a day, taking sweat baths, and eating only animal protein, produce and rice (no dairy, grains, processed meat, condiments, sugar/sweeteners or anything fermented). I buy almost everything raw/uncooked, make my meals fresh and eat it all without any sauces or toppings except olive oil, herbs and spices. I started it on November 1st and I’m on this ride until it reaches its conclusion in February.

This plan hasn’t been nearly as hard as it was when I did it decades…

I hate this month like a dumped ex-lover who’s still completely in love

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I hate this month.

I hate it like a dumped ex-lover who’s still completely in love

Like I hate desserts when I’m on a diet

Like I hate everyone who was invited to the party when I wasn’t.

I hate this month with its mock social calendar of virtual events

That I fake my way through (with background Zoom tree)

Smiling and laughing

Part of an online party when I’m really alone

And I can’t get that out of my head.

What I DO get out of…

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November 29, 2020

I’m at four weeks on Dr. Jeffrey McCombs’ Candida Plan, which I’m doing to rid my body of an overgrowth of fungal candida albicans. That’s four weeks of taking McComb’s supplements, drinking massive amounts of water, taking sweat baths, and eating only animal protein, produce and rice. But a few days ago my holistic health care provider tested me using Muscle Response Testing, which is what McCombs used in his practice when he treated me. She found that I’d be okay to add almonds back in, which I’m VERY grateful for!

It’s still challenging to get all…

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