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I’m a copywriter and my clients are those in the healing arts. Why?

Regina Rodríguez-Martin
4 min readMay 15, 2022


My copywriting business, The Detail Conductor, specializes in writing services that support alternative healers, spiritual entrepreneurs and those who serve the open-minded. Why? Because of the experience I’ve had with my healing.

A Singer without a Voice

In the winter of 1993 I was working hard on my vocal skills, taking singing and piano lessons and practicing every day. In my mid-20s, I had decided to be a singer by trade and nothing got in the way of my practice…until a bad cold did.

Your common cold doesn’t usually cause the complete loss of your voice, but this cold did. I couldn’t even talk, much less sing. I did everything you’re supposed to do for a cold and a little over a week later, it went away and I got back to singing.

A month later the same thing happened: a week of cold symptoms accompanied by laryngitis. The month after that, it happened again. I was distraught. I needed to practice, plus I had regular rehearsals and performances. Of course, the regular doctor I saw had no advice besides the usual tips on avoiding colds, and he had no idea what to do about recurring laryngitis.

An ex-boyfriend swore homeopathy could fix anything, so I did some research and made an appointment. I couldn’t have a singing voice only 75% of the time! Sure enough, the homeopath did a thorough examination, prescribed a remedy called natrum muriaticum, and after taking it for some weeks, the colds stopped. Relieved, I returned to having working vocal chords every week.

I suppose I have that ex-boyfriend, Brij Kothari, to thank for getting me off the beaten path of Western allopathic medicine.

From Door to Door with a Mystery

A year later it was a rash that regular doctors couldn’t diagnose. Frustratingly, this time homeopathy didn’t have what I needed. Slowly, the horribly itchy rash spread over my hands, arms, legs, and eventually my face. Acupuncture caused no change. After months of agony, I finally ended up in the office of a chiropractor who used applied kinesiology to diagnose. He determined that I was suffering from an…



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