Social distancing PLUS needing to stay unvaccinated for health reasons.

I used to work in the polio eradication division of Rotary International. I coordinated meetings that included representatives from Rotary, the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. We were allied to immunize every child in the world against polio.

Christmas 2020 sucked. Christmas 2021 was supposed to be better.

I love Christmas. December is my favorite month and Christmas is my favorite holiday. Without family in Illinois, there have been years when I spent Christmas Day all alone, creating my own private holiday and still loved it. It didn’t matter what I did on Christmas because I knew I…

And I’m a Mexican American who was raised Catholic and everything

People sometimes mention to me that they have children. I don’t respond and wait for them to get back to the topic of our Zoom. Sometimes, in person, a friend mentions that they have pictures of their kids in their Halloween costumes or on the vacation they just took. Maybe…

Silver Singles and Our Time were a waste of my money is a dating app for people over the age of 50 and earlier this year I signed up. I dutifully provided a complete profile, swiped right on a lot of photos, and sent messages to men I hoped to hear from. I vowed to answer all messages I received…

Many unvaccinated people have medical or accessibility problems. Please stop calling us names.

I’m a far-leftist Democrat who can’t get vaccinated without risking serious health problems. This leaves me at peace with my decision, but in the painful company of I-won’t-wear-a-mask Republicans and all the right-leaning critics of pandemic restrictions. …

I’m 55 years old and looking for a date.

I used to envy divorced people.

I had a protracted spinsterhood that lasted into my 40s and towards the end of my 30s I discovered that between the 1960s and 2005 being divorced had gone from being a liability to being preferred. …

Regina Rodríguez-Martin

Mexican American. Chicagoan. Generation X. Relishes questions of human behavior. Nobody’s mother and nobody’s wife. Blog:

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